Sometimes we see a paint color in a model home, at a friend’s house, or out and about, and we’re pretty sure that paint color NEEDS to come and live at our house.

Of course we know that we need to test the paint color in our space first, but even then it may not be the best idea to start painting.

Here are some things to consider first:

1. Assess the situation.

Will all of the other elements in the space be staying the same for an extended period?

– If so, and the paint color works (after you test it), go for it!

– If not, and you’re designing or redesigning a space, it may be best to choose your paint color last.


It’s so much easier to choose a paint color to compliment all of the other elements in the space than the other way around.

There are unending paint colors to choose from and, if you can’t find that perfect shade, you can also have paints custom matched to just about anything.

Testing 1-2-3.

No matter when you choose a paint color, it’s never a good idea to buy the final quantity and start painting until you’ve tested it in your space first. Your lighting and environment will vary greatly from the paint store, and there’s just no way it will look exactly the same.

Everyone has their own testing method, but I usually buy a few pieces of poster board and a sample size of the paint. After painting at least two good coats on the poster board (to get the true color), I move them around the room in different places so I can see how the color changes with lighting and time of day.